The body extension Stand up straight, p90x3 schedule arms on the move,like a stretch, but to increase the amplitude. Lying in bed, his arms on both sides of the body bed surface (or with both hands on the head above the bed), p90x3 nutrition guide single leg turn (or his legs at the same time) straight knee upward leg raise. Lift a leg drop slightly faster, slower. Do 20 to 30 times.Efficacy: reduce excess abdominal fat, enhance the abdominal muscle strength, increase muscle elasticity.Supine turn waistSupine in bed, his hands gripping head above the bed. Waist, hip, leg turn left into lateral, pause. Reduction. And then to the right turn into lateral. Around the train for 15 ~ 20 times. p90x3 release date Natural breathing, waist, hip, leg required to turn left and right shoulder and arms do not move.Efficacy: strong waist muscle, eliminate excess fat, reduce fat.Lateral legSupine in bed, two arms unbend, palm down on the side of the body. Left knee up, inhale, hands knee to thigh close to the chest, upper back stretchEfficacy: supine in bed, his hands gripping head above the bed. p90x3 ab ripper Lift on two legs, left and right legs alternating flexion extension, such as riding a bicycle. Natural breathing, or so each leg do 15 ~ 20 times. Reduces the waist, abdominal fat and fat, waist and leg muscle strength enhancement.Supine TaitunSupine in bed, knee, two knees together, legs apart slightly wider than the hips. Two arms unbend (palm down) on the side of the body. Legs apart, the body center of gravity moved to the shoulder to shoulder, support, suction lift buttocks, pause. Exhale, slowly the buttocks down, reduction. Repeat the exercise 20 times. p90x3 accelerator review Efficacy: reduce waist, buttocks fat and fat, enhance the waist, hips. Strong lumbar kidney.Left and right twistStanding, hands akimbo, drive the upper body to the left turn, legs do not move. Also can sit on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands around the waist twist. Repeat the exercise 50 times.Efficacy: a reduction in waist and abdomen fat and fat, waist and abdomen muscle strength enhancement, and strengthen internal organs function, for the treatment of constipation and dyspepsia have significant effect. Lift the left knee, see. Then exhale, p90x3 bulk schedule reduction, straight. Then the right leg do the same action. Repeat the exercise 20 times. Then do the same moves his legs bent, repeat the exercise 10 times. Reduce abdominal fat and fat, strengthen abdominal muscle.

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